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Peer Review Feedback

Provide clear and helpful feedback 

Peer Reviews are a common and useful assignment in writing-intensive courses. Sharing your essay with other students is especially helpful since your classmates are working on the same assignment. Just as you can provide a unique perspective, so can your fellow students. Use peer reviews as an opportunity not only to receive suggestions for improvement, but also to practice editing as a reviewer. Taking on this additional role can help you identify issues with your own writing.

To prepare for a peer review: 
•Bring a full draft (meet the page requirement)
•Revise your essay at least once on your own to correct any obvious errors
•Note any specific questions you would like your peer reviewer to address

While you are likely to receive directions from your instructor, here are some questions to consider when providing clear and helpful feedback as a peer reviewer:
•Check the title. Is it interesting and unique to the paper? (Avoid dull titles like “Paper 1.”)
•Does the introduction gain the reader’sinterest right away? If not, suggest improvements for the attention-getter.
•Is the thesis clear? Does it need to be more specific, reworded, expanded, or condensed?
•Do the body paragraphs start with clear topic sentences?
•Do the body paragraphs feature sufficient evidence from outside sources to support main points?
•Are sources cited appropriately with in-text citations and a Works Citedpage(MLA) or References page (APA)?
•Do the body paragraphs flow in a logical order? Note any paragraphs that may need to be reorganized.
•Do the body paragraphs end with clear transitions?
•Does the conclusion adequately review the main points and leave the reader with a final impression? What is that impression? •Is there anything that should be expanded, condensed, or cut?•Does the writer use correct grammar and punctuation? Note any sentences that are unclear.

When providing feedback, remember to use a constructive tone. Focus on suggestinghow the writer can improve rather than simply identifying what is wrong. Your peers will be much more receptive to feedback if it is framed in a polite and helpful way.

Download the Peer Review Feedback Handout here!