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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Are you a student attending another college or university and looking to take classes at Rock Valley College to transfer back to your current institution? Perhaps you work full-time and have thought about taking college courses but are not certain you want to pursue a degree? 

We have options that will enable you to register for classes more easily by deferring placement test requirements:

Visiting students are students who attend another college or university but want to take classes at RVC during the summer (or any other semester) and transfer them back to their home institution. 

A student at large is someone who wants to take a few classes (up to 12 credits) to  try out a specific program or RVC in general.

To take advantage of either opportunity, follow these registration steps:

1.  Complete our online application (if you have not done so already) and follow directions on setting up your login and password.

2.  Complete and submit our Placement/Prerequisite Deferral Form*

3.  Speak with one of our academic advisors in person or via telephone.  Call (815) 921-4100 if you wish to make an appointment.

4.  Choose your classes

5.  Register and pay by the deadline (see deadlines in Important Dates box on this page)

*The prerequisite deferral form applies to testing prerequisites, not course prerequisites.  If you decide to pursue a degree or certificate at RVC, you will be required to submit transcripts from other colleges and may be required to complete placement testing. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact David Schneider at

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