Rock Valley College

Assessment for Student Learning

Our faculty and administrators are very serious when it comes to the quality of education students receive and for that reason they understand the need for assessing what and how students are learning in the classroom and around campus.

What Is Assessment?

Assessment is a continual and dynamic process of collecting, synthesizing, and interpreting information to aid in continuous improvement efforts and decision making.  Assessment efforts at RVC are guided, in part, by Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), and the RVC Strategic Plan.

Image of 6-step Assessment Cycle

Academic Assessment

RVC addresses academic assessment for student learning across all of its credit courses, programs and disciplines through four, interconnected levels.

  • Classroom Assessment
  • Course Assessment
  • Program/Discipline Assessment
  • Institutional Assessment

Co-curricular Assessment

RVC addresses co-curricular assessment for student learning through the programs, services, and opportunities that focus on student learning and development outside of the classroom.

  • Event Assessment
  • Program/Service Assessment
  • Institutional Assessment


TaskStream is the RVC accountability management system.  It is used to document academic and co-curricular assessment for student learning.

Opportunities to better understand how to use TaskStream are provided during RVC development days and group or individual workshops throughout the year. 

For more information, to request an individual or small group help session, or to set up a TaskStream account, contact Dr. Lisa M. Mehlig at or (815) 921-4070.