Rock Valley College

Program/Discipline Assessment

Program/discipline assessment measures program effectiveness and student learning across a collection of courses that may or may not lead to a credential. A program is a group of courses that culminates in a degree or certificate (e.g., Associate of Applied Science in Building Construction Management or Sustainable Energy Systems Certificate). A discipline is a collection of courses within an academic department that does not offer a degree or certificate (e.g., Composition and Literature or Mathematics). During the course assessment process, course learning outcomes are aligned with program/discipline learning outcomes. Such alignment allows course assessment results to inform program/discipline assessment. Each program/discipline outcome should be assessed at least once during a five-year cycle to facilitate ICCB Program Review.




  • Outcomes Checklist: Use this checklist to write measurable program/discipline outcomes. A program/discipline outcome should describe what students will know or be able to do upon completion of a degree/certificate program or collection of courses within a discipline.