Rock Valley College

Online Learning

Online (Distance) Learning Overview

Rock Valley College has online/distance learning opportunities for self-directed and self-motivated students.  These courses are designed so you can learn any time, any place as your busy schedule dictates.

However, online learning is not for everyone. 

Online learners should have:

  • access to basic technology
  • fundamental computer skills
  • ability to progress independently

Online courses are as rigorous, if not moreso, than traditional courses.  You must have the self-discipline to learn by working almost exclusively on your computer.

Online Courses at RVC

To see what online courses we currently offer, go to our online schedule search page and narrow your search under the "location" field to "Internet/Online."

How to search for online credit courses at RVC

Online courses are delivered over the Internet.  Credit, content, and assignments are the same for these classes as for standard lecture courses.  You will be expected to do research on the Internet, join in electronic group discussions with other students, and/or access your professors via email.  An occasional face-to-face meeting with other students and your professor may be required.

Important: As a distance learning student in either an online or hybrid course it is your responsibility to log on to RVC EAGLE (LINK TO prior to the start of class for information on the "Intro to EAGLE" course, EAGLE training, or to contact your instructor. 

This will make sure you have received the necessary information you need to start the class. 

Additional technology fees for Internet courses are $50 per course.


Do you want to know if you have what it takes to be an online learner?

Here are some self-assessment and helpful tools for you to find out if online learning is for you: