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What if students say the course is not showing up under Courses?

If the students cannot see his/her course it could be one of three reasons:

  1. He/she just registered (within the same day) and it takes 24 hours for it to appear.
  2. The course is not yet visible to students because the class has not started.
  3. You may have forgotten to publish your course.
I set up a quiz, but my students say they cannot access it. Why?

Make sure that the Available From Date is setup under Quiz Settings.  If that setting is OK, verify that the Until Date is correct did not cause the quiz to end early. If it is a new quiz make sure you have published it.

Why can't I type in a name in EAGLE mail?

EAGLE mail is internal to EAGLE and solely for course related communication.

How do I access EAGLE when I am NOT on the RVC campus.  What software, etc. do I need?

EAGLE is accessible anywhere that has an Internet connection.  The only requirement is an up to date web browser. Such as FireFox, Goggle Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer also works well with EAGLE but can experience problems from time to time. To access EAGLE off campus go to and enter your login credentials.

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