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Adjunct Faculty

This Adjunct Faculty page was created specifically for adjunct faculty members to be able to access up to date information regarding RVC's policies and procedures whenever needed. Please bookmark this site and visit it often as new resources are being added regularly. You will find links to many resources in the link menu as well as some important info listed below.

If you have any questions please let us know!

Adjunct Faculty Contracts

Each semester, adjunct faculty members will receive a contract at their home address. This document must be signed and returned to Human Resources by the date provided in the accompanying letter.


After an adjunct faculty member successfully completes the AFI, certified by the ATLE coordinator, he/she will receive an additional $25.00 per credit hour for each class he/she teaches for RVC.

For more information, contact an ATLE Support Specialist via e-mail



Voicemail and Email

Adjunct faculty members should speak with their academic chairs regarding telephone and/or voicemail options and RVC email accounts.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are located in or near the Faculty Support Offices (FSO) in each classroom building. You must enter your department code in the machine before it will operate, so be sure to check with the FSO administrative assistant if you do not know the code. The FSO will run copies for you with twenty-four hour advance notice.


Adjunct faculty mailboxes are located in or near the Faculty Support Offices. Please check with your academic chair for the specific location of your mailbox.

Office Space and Office Hours

Adjunct faculty have access to shared office space in all classroom buildings. These areas have copy machines, computers, and telephones for adjunct faculty use. Ask your academic chair for details.

All adjunct faculty are required to hold regular weekly office hours. Each adjunct should have one (1) office hour per week for each course taught during the semester.  Be sure to include your office hours in your syllabus.

Adjunct-Faculty-InstituteAdjunct Faculty Institute

The AFI is a comprehensive professional development program for part time instructors. The AFI is grounded in research-based pedagogy, convenient, accessible, and immediately applicable to the physical or digital classroom. All coursework will be conducted on weekends, in the evenings, or via distance learning. There is a minimum of 30 program hours, but instructors have discretion to develop their courses to best meet the needs of participants. Such curriculum detail could entail blended delivery (face to face and online coursework) and multiple class sessions. That is, instead of meeting for one three-hour block, the instructor may determine that three, one-hour classes would better fulfill the learning objectives.

Program Goal

The goal of the AFI is to provide Rock Valley College's part time faculty with the tools and resources they need for teaching and learning excellence. 

Program Objectives

Participants who successfully complete the AFI will be able to:

  • apply adult learning principles, brain research, and instructional design models to their curricula;
  • use classroom technology effectively;
  • manage the classroom environment, including student conduct;
  • employ proven assessment and evaluation techniques to enhance learning.