Rock Valley College

Adjunct Faculty

This Adjunct Faculty page was created specifically for adjunct faculty members to be able to access up to date information regarding RVC's policies and procedures whenever needed. Please bookmark this site and visit it often as new resources are being added regularly. You will find links to many resources in the link menu as well as some important info listed below.



Voicemail and Email

Adjunct faculty members should speak with their academic deans or chairs regarding telephone and/or voicemail options and RVC email accounts.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are located in or near the Support Offices (SO) in each classroom building. You must swipe your ID badge at the machine before it will operate. 


Adjunct faculty mailboxes are located in or near the Support Offices. Please check with your academic dean or chair for the specific location of your mailbox.

Office Space and Office Hours

Adjunct faculty have access to shared office space in all classroom buildings. These areas have desk space, computers, and telephones for adjunct faculty use. Ask your academic dean or chair for details.

All adjunct faculty are required to hold regular weekly office hours. Each adjunct should have one (1) office hour per week for each course taught during the semester.  Be sure to include your office hours in your syllabus.

Adjunct Professional Development: The Excellence Academy

Adjunct instructors at Rock Valley College can participate in the Excellence Academy, a comprehensive professional development course that is delivered in blended and online formats.   The coursework provides insights into the College, its students, and teaching and learning.   While it is designed to be self-paced, a timeline for addressing the learning modules is provided and efforts are made to connect adjunct instructors to other adjuncts and full-time faculty to reinforce a community of learning. 

Academic Deans often refer new adjuncts to the Excellence Academy, but it is available to all who are interested.  For more information about the Academy, contact Dr. Lisa Mehlig at