Rock Valley College has a new look

Welcome back to  If you don't recognize the place, it's because we've updated everything to make the site easier to use, more versatile and more pleasant to look at.


The biggest improvement we've made is that the site is now completely responsive.  Whether you are visiting the site on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or your phone, the site will adapt itself to your device.  You'll never again spend five minutes pinching and zooming on your screen just to make something a readable size.

Important Links

If you're familiar with the site, most of the things you use are in exactly the same spot they've always been.  We've just made it easier to find them. MyRVC is still your gateway to the links you need the most like EAGLE, Online Services, your RVC email and more.  No matter where you are on the site, myRVC is one click away, at the top of the page on the yellow menu bar. 

Search Improvements

Search is easier to find and easier to use than ever before.  Click on the maginifying glass at the top of any page and a search bar will open.

Social Media

Social media is completely integrated into the site.  You can access our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as our YouTube channel and iTunes U with those white icons near the top right of the page.

News & Events

Our news, events and notices calendar on the homepage has sharing built right into it.  See a story you want to push out to your friends?  Click on the "share" button.  See an event you don't want want to forget?  Click "add" and put it on your calendar.


Like any new site, we'll be continuing to improve things as we go.  If you see something you think is really cool, or something that you think could be made better, drop us a line at