Rock Valley College

ABC's of RVC (acronyms)


If you've been a student, staff, or faculty member at RVC for any length of time, you've probably overheard an acronym or two and have wondered "what does that mean?" What is the SSB? Who are these EDC people? What is FERPA? My class is in the JCSM? Where is that?

The ABC's of RVC is here to help. We hope you will find this dictionary of RVC acronyms helpful as you navigate around campus. Feel like we may have missed an important one? Fill out the short suggestion form at the bottom of this page and let us know! 

You can also download & print the most current version to keep with you.



* = academic abbreviation

last updated 8/1/17


A.A.  = Associate of Arts

A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science

ACEC = Aviation Career Education Center

ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act

A.E.S. = Associate in Engineering Science

A.G.S. = Associate in General Studies

ALAS = Association for Latin American Students

AP = Advanced Placement

A.S. = Associate in Science

AST* = Astronomy

ATG* = Accounting

ATS* = Atmospheric Science

ATLE = Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (Faculty Development Center)

ATM* = Automotive Technology

AVM* = Aviation Maintenance Technology

AY = Academic Year


BELL = Bell School Road Center

BCM* = Building Construction Management

BHCC = Black History and Culture Committee

BHM = Black History Month

BIT = Behavioral Intervention Team

BIO* = Biology

BLRH = Boiler House

BoT = Board of Trustees

BPI = Business and Professional Institute

BST = Bengt Sjostrom Theater

BSU = Black Student Union

BUS* = Business


CAB = Campus Activities Board

CAP = Career Advancement Program

C-CERT = Campus- Community Emergency Response Team

CCE = Community and Continuing Education

CEANCI = Career Education Association ofNorth Central Illinois

CEOP = Campus Emergency Operations Plan

CIS* = Computers and Information Systems

CHM* = Chemistry

CLI = Classroom Building I

CLII = Classroom Building II

CLEP = College Level Examination Program

CLR = Center for Learning in Retirement

COM* = Mass Communication

CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant

CRM* = Criminal Justice


DNT* = Dental Hygiene

DOS = Dean of Students

DSS = Disability Support Services

DWP = Dislocated Worker Program


E (building) = President's Office/Administration Building/College Communications

EADA = Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

EAGLE = Electronic Advanced Group Learning Environment

EAT* = Engineering and Technology

ECE = Early Childhood Education

ECE = Education Credential Evaluators

ECO* = Economics

EDC = Employee Development Committee

EDU* = Education

EET* = Electronic Engineering Technology


EGR* = Engineering

ENG* = English

EP = Emergency Preparedness

ERC = Educational Resource Center

ESL = English as a Second Language

ESP = Educational Support Personnel


F (building) = Barn/Silo- Studio Theatre

FA = Financial Aid (follow this link for a list of acronyms specific to Financial Aid)

FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA = Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FLD* = Fluid Power

FMP = Facilities Master Plan

FOIA = Freedom of Information Act

FOP = Fraternal Order of Police

FPOM = Facilities Planning, Operations and Maintenance

FRE* = Fire Science

FRN* = French

FSO = Faculty Support Office

FWS = Fitness, Wellness and Sport

FY = Fiscal Year


G (building) = Piano Lab

GAT* = Graphic Arts Technology

GECC = General Education Core Curriculum

GED = General Education Development

GEL* = Geology

GPA = Grade Point Average

GRC = Grade Review Committee

GRM* = German

GSC = Getting Started Center

GSS = Getting Started Sessions


HEARRR = Higher Education Alliance for the Rock River Region

HHM = Hispanic Heritage Month

HLC = Higher Learning Commission

HLT* = Health

HR = Human Resources

HSC = High School Connections, Health Sciences Center

HSR* = Human Services

HST* = History

HUM* = Humanities


IAI = Illinois Articulation Initiative

IBHE = Illinois Board of Higher Education

ICAPS = Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System

ICCB = Illinois Community College Board

ICCFA = Illinois Community College Faculty Association

ICCTA = Illinois Community College Trustees Association

IEP = Intensive English (Language) Program

IGP = Intensive GED (General Education Development) Program

IR = Institutional Research

ISS = Intercultural Student Services

IT = Information Technology


JA = Judicial Affairs

JCSM = Karl J. Jacobs Center for Science and Math

JIAC = Jobs & Innovation Accelerator Challenge

JiET-A = Joint Institute for Engineering & Technology Aerospace

JRN* = Journalism


KPI = Key Performance Indicator


LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LIT* = Literature

LMS = Learning Management System

LOC = Learning and Opportunity Center


MET* = Manufacturing Engineering Technology

MKT* = Marketing

MGT* = Management

MTH* = Mathematics

MUS* = Music


NAD* = Nursing Aide

NEOC = Non-Violence Education and Outreach Committee

NIMS = National Incident Management System

NIMS = National Institute of Metalworking Skills

NJCAA = National Junior College Athletic Association

NMST = North Main Street Center

NRS* = Nursing Programs

NUR* = Nursing – Hybrid Online



PAIC = Promoting An Inclusive Community (Diversity Committee)

PAR = Performing Arts Room

PCI* = Personal Computer Information

PCT* = Personal Computer Technical Specialist

PE = Physical Education

PEC = Physical Education Center

PGE* = Physical Geography

PHL* = Philosophy

PNU* = Practical Nursing

PHY* = Physics

POM = Plant Operations & Maintenance

PRS = Print Services

PSA = Professional Staff Association

PSC* = Political Science

PSR = Programming Service Request (IT)

PSY* = Psychology

PTAC = Procurement and Technical Assistance Center



RDG* = Reading

RN = Registered Nurse

RSP* = Respiratory Care

RVC = Rock Valley College

RVCD = Rock Valley College Downtown

RVCPD = Rock Valley College Police Department


SAL = Student Awareness Leader

SAML = Samuelson Road Center

SAS = Speakerphone Alert System

SBDC = Small Business Development Center

SBS* = Sustainable Building Science

SBHS = Spring Brook House

SC = Student Center

SCCE = Stenstrom Center for Career Education

SEM = Strategic Enrollment Management

SES = Sustainable Energy Systems

SGA = Student Government Association

SLO = Student Learning Outcomes

SOC* = Sociology

SPH* = Speech

SPN* = Spanish

SRG* = Surgical Technology

SRS = Student Retention & Success

SSA = Support Staff Association

SSB = Support Services Building

STU* = Student Development

SURS = State Universities Retirement System


TDL = Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

TDT = Truck Driver Training

THE* = Theatre



V.I.P.  = Volunteer Incentive Program

WEB* = Web Information Technology

WHM = Women's History Month

WLD* = Welding Technology

WTC = Woodward Technology Center






Feel like we've missed an important acronym? Submit your suggestions below for consideration. Keep in mind this list is meant to help the average staff/faculty member or student decipher the most widely referenced acronyms. While there may be some you use specifically in your department, they may not apply to most of the RVC community.