Rock Valley College

Sustainability Education & Economic Development (SEED)


SEED (Sustainability Education & Economic Development) is a leadership program and resource center, created by the American Association of Community Colleges and ecoAmerica that will provide strategic guidance and detailed resources for community colleges to dramatically ramp-up their programs to educate America’s 21st century workforce and build the green economy. The SEED Center is designed to provide the information and national coordination needed for program development and implementation. Information sharing between SEED members will be facilitated through a community wiki and topical discussion boards. With a simple log-in, any community college faculty or staff member may use this feature.

As a SEED member, Rock Valley College agrees to:

• Incorporate the promising practices and curricula into programs

• Develop and engage faculty and staff

• Engage students and invite participation

• Partner with employers and the community

• Share resources and encourage other colleges to participate

SEED Strategic Plan