Rock Valley College

Registered Sex Offenders

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

Effective Monday, October, 28, 2002, a new Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act went into effect. This is in conjunction with the federal law enacted on October 28, 2000, that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education.

The act amends the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children Act and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act to require sex offenders already required to register in a state to provide notice, as required under state law, of each institution of higher education in that state at which the person is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student.

This act also amends the Jeanne Clery Act to require institutions of higher education to issue a statement, in addition to other disclosures required under that act, advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a state concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

The Illinois State Police provides a listing of sex offenders required to register in the state of Illinois. The database is updated daily and can be found at the following Web site:

The RVC Police Department also maintains a sex offender list that lists all known sex offenders that are students and employees at Rock Valley College. This sex offender list is available for viewing at the RVC Police Department on the main campus, the information center at the Student Center, the RVC Police Department office at the Stenstrom Center for Career Education, and RVC Downtown. You may call 815-921-4357 for more information.

Effective January 1, 2012, registered sex offenders must complete an Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act – Institutions of Higher Education Employment / Student Information Form (ISP 5-695) with the agency of jurisdiction in which they reside (Police or Sheriff's Department that serves their home residence), the agency of jurisdiction in which they are attending an Institution of Higher Education (Rockford Police Department), and at the Institution of Higher Education (Rock Valley College Police Department).   Sex offenders who fail to properly register their status as a student or employee at an institution of higher education are in violation of the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act and face arrest for a Class 3 Felony. They also face disciplinary actions up to and including suspension or termination of student / employee status. Sex offenders with questions about this registration requirement should call 815-921-4357.

Lastly, the act amends the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to clarify that nothing in the act may be construed to prohibit an educational institution from disclosing information provided to the institution concerning registered sex offenders; and requires the Secretary of Education to take appropriate steps to notify educational institutions that disclosure of this information is permitted.