Rock Valley College

RVCPD Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

As an integral part of our diverse college community, we serve as professional police and emergency responders. We proudly contribute to a safe learning environment and support the mission of Rock Valley College through diligent patrol, outreach, awareness programs, and community partnerships.   

Vision Statement

It is our vision to maintain and enhance the confidence and trust of those we serve, while continually expanding and strengthening our partnerships with the students, faculty, and staff of Rock Valley College and the employees of this department, in identifying problems, developing solutions, and establishing realistic priorities and policies.   


INTEGRITY: Integrity is the hallmark of the Rock Valley College Police Department. We are committed to the highest performance standards, ethical conduct, and truthfulness in all relationships.   

RESPECT: We treat all persons with dignity, respect, and courtesy.   

SERVICE: We provide quality service in a professional, efficient, and accessible manner.   

FAIRNESS: We treat all people impartially with consideration and compassion. We are equally responsive to our employees and the educational population we serve.