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RVC Marketing

RVC Marketing

Employees can use this page as a one-stop shop for marketing needs, including submitting graphic design project requests. You will also find resources such as the college's style guide and downloadable college logo files. 

Style Guide

The Rock Valley College Style Guide for Web and Print will give you guidelines and tips for writing content for the website, proper use of the RVC logo color scheme and college fonts. The Style Guide also illustrates the common formats our design team uses for college brochures, posters, flyers, stationery, PowerPoint presentations, and more. 

Download and save the RVC Style Guide

RVC Style Guide

RVC Logo

Please follow the appropriate guidelines for using the college logo. 

The logos below are provided in several formats depending on usage. The most common ones are described and available for download below.

  • JPG – This is the most common format for everyday use with Microsoft products
  • PNG – For use on the web

The preferred version of the RVC logo is the horizontal (one line) however when space is a consideration, the stacked version can be used.

The preferred color is Pantone 540 (dark blue) .

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding usage or style or if you need the logo in a format not found below. 


RVC Horizontal Logo (Blue)

After clicking your choice below, the logo will open in a new window. Right click on the image to save it. 



RVC Stacked Logo

The Mark

Also referred to as "circles" and "the eye"

RVC Circles Logo


The Rock Valley College color palette consists of several match colors chosen using the Pantone Matching System® (PMS). The PMS numbers are provided below. DO NOT attempt to match colors to the pages in this guide. Use a current Pantone® swatch book to ensure exact color matching. The PMS version is preferred. It is the most widely accepted and used. In some cases it would be too costly to reproduce using match colors, so these other versions were created:

  • CMYK (for four-color printing use)
  • RGB (for electronic media only)
  • Hexadecimal (for web use)

Primary Colors

Pantone 540: RVC Primary Blue

Pantone 540
CMYK: 100/55/0/55
RGB: 0/56/102
Hex: 003866

Pantone 116: RVC Primary Gold

Pantone 116
CMYK: 0/16/100/0
RGB: 255/209/47
Hex: FFD12F

Secondary Colors

Pantone 299: RVC Secondary Blue

Pantone 299
CMYK: 85/19/0/0
RGB: 0/158/217
Hex: 009ED9

Pantone 123: RVC Secondary Gold

Pantone 123
CMYK: 0/22/91/0
RGB: 254/199/6
Hex: FRC741

Pantone 11: RVC Secondary Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 11
CMYK: 0/2/0/68
RGB: 113/112/115
Hex: 53565A