Rockford, Illinois


At Rock Valley College, we’ll help you discover your passion as you choose a major or program that fits your interests and aspirations. You will have many options from among our:

RVC has more than a dozen program divisions with faculty and staff who will be happy to sit down with you to discuss their programs and how they match with your educational goals.

In an effort to expand the offerings available to you, we also have more than 40 joint educational agreements with two-year colleges in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Rock Valley College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

The college is recognized by the Illinois Community College Board and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Academic Divisions


Allied Health & Technical Programs

Dean of Technical, Allied Health & Trades:
Rich Gocken

Division Office (Allied Health): (815) 921-3203
Division Office (Technical Programs): (815) 921-3203

Allied Health includes:

Technical Programs includes:

Business/Computers and Information Systems/
Engineering and Technology

Business, Computer Information Systems, Engineering and Technology Departments: Ron Geary

Division Office: (815) 921-3101

Business includes:

Computers and Information Systems includes:

Engineering and Technology includes:


Dean of Communication: Dr. Lamata Mitchell

Division Office: (815) 921-3338

Communication includes:



Interim Dean of Mathematics: Rodger Hergert

Division Office: (815) 921-3510
Mathematics includes:
Dean of Nursing: Ellen Storm
Division Office: (815) 921-3261
Nursing includes:



Interim Dean of Sciences: Dr. Thomas Guensburg

Division Office: (815) 921-3471
Sciences includes:

Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Science & Humanities

Interim Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities:
Michael Beert

Division Office: (815) 921-3317
The Social Science and Humanities division of Rock Valley College includes the following departments and disciplines:

Social Science:


This division is also home to:


Director: Michael Webb

Division Office: (815) 921-2167

Transitional Opportunities

Dean: Amanda Smith

Division Office: (815) 921-2001