Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Leadership Team at Rock Valley College

RVC Main Campus_Creek

Mike Mastroianni
, President, (815) 921-2195,

Susan Busenbark, Vice President of Liberal Arts and Sciences, (815) 921-4644,

Dr. Amy Diaz, Vice President of Student Development, (815) 921-4283,

Ann Kerwitz, Assistant to the President, (815) 921-4001,

Jessica Jones, Executive Director of Human Resources, (815) 921-4755,

Dr. Lisa M. Mehlig, Executive Director, Institutional Research, (815) 921-4070,

Sam Overton Jr., Vice President of Administrative Services, (815) 921-4445,

Pamela Owens, Executive Director, RVC Foundation and College Advancement, (815) 921-4500,

Dr. Brian Sager, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, (815) 921-4053,

Greg Wear, Vice President, Career and Technical Education/Outreach, (815) 921-3121,